The last Couple weeks the market has seen the introduction of a lot new DJ hardware and software news, but one of the biggest stories has been the revelation that Pioneer has been (secretly) working on their own DJ software. It’s called Rekordbox DJ, we first saw the software in a quick teasers 2 weeks ago, but now we’ve got a few shots from the DJ Expo in Atlantic City of the software running and in action this week.

With the trailer name “Get Ready For New Performance Horizon” it had the DJ World speculating weather, it was actually a DJ software they were seeing in the short glimpses of images but after the shots taken at the Expo its 100% clear that it is a Full DJ Software.

Rekord sneak pic

We were able to get a few key features that weren’t known before:

  • Colored + Named Cuepoints / Loops (Maybe at least 8 per track)
  • Full-color Waveforms.
  • Multiple 2 Deck Vertical waveform displays like Serato DJ.
  • Waveform preview in the browse section whichis currently in Rekordbox
  • 2 FX units with either 3 grouped effects or one single effect (similar to Traktor)
  • FX can be assigned to decks 1, 2, 3, 4, Master, or the Sampler
  • There’s a section to the right of the main browser window that might say “Related Tracks” at the top of it – if so, a good sign that a dynamic track recommendation system is coming to Rekordbox DJ

This could be huge for some people because with rekordbox and Pioneer DJ stepping into the DJ Software market with Serato, TraKtor and Virtual DJ. It means that rekordbox will become an universal software and a DJ that mainly uses controllers can start using rekordbox DJ and easlier crossover to the Industry standard players the Pioneer CD- 2000nxs/2000/900 and be completely prepared and comfortable.

As we already said it has cause a lot speculations and raised a lot of questions.

  • Will Pioneer start making there controllers solely for their software?
  • Will it still work with Serato DJ?
  • Will it work with other Controller?
  • Will it be Better or even compare to Serato DJ?

So we’ve only gotten a taste of what the software will be like so far but Pioneer is promising that people who signed up to their Early Adopter program will be the first to use the software. So we will wait for more exciting news from Pioneer DJ and Rekordbox DJ.