If you are a Small Band or Small Church looking for a Affordable small digital mixer that has the heart of the larger more expensive digital mixers now you can STOP!!!!!

TouchMix Series Mixer is QSC first mixers ever and once only known as a great Amplifiers & Speaker manufacturer QSC has made a serious entry into the affordable digital mixer market.

In our opinion they did an amazing job by creating a small, powerful and practical mixer. The mixers comes in 8 or 16 channel but Lets not talk specs.

These mixers are great because QSC has solved some problems for the weekend and Volunteer engineers.

Now….. What are these problems that I am referring?

Here are some FAQ about another affordable digital mixers in this price range.


” Do I need to have and IPad to use this mixer?”


” No you don’t need a IPad to use this mixer, it isn’t IPad centered but you can use the WiFi dongle included to create a wireless connection to operate every function on the mixer from your IPad.”

This is Great! because IPads aren’t cheap and it’s also a very personal device. Would you want to purchase a IPad and dedicate it only for your mixer as a Church or Band?
Surely you don’t want to do that? So you can save some money this way and still have the option to use it via your Ipad.

So Tech Savvy engineers who wants a mixer that can be controlled wireless for ease a comfort but still has it’s own interface without the expense of the hardware of moving fading the QSC TouchMix is the mixer for you.
It allow you to mix from the center of the Church, Club or Bar without a messy snake or a dedicated mixing area and it also allow you set your monitor mixes while on the stage with the your Band Mates and the Interface on the Ipad is exactly the same as on the Mixer’s color capacitive touch screen.


” Can this mixer recall scenes and settings?”


” Yes the mixer has full automated recall”

Although it may not sport the fancy motorized Hardware faders that cost money it because of this feature, or lack thereof that allow it to remain this price category. Lets be honest motorized faders are expensive so QSC idea was to use hardware where its most advantageous and program the rest into the Software.

Okay, let’s face it, for the younger iPod/Pad/Phone generation, this is no issue. A seven-inch screen is ample space to do all you need to do, particularly with the faders being presented in dual banks of eight on the TM-16. But for veteran analog fader Jockeys, it would take some getting use to using the screen cause you may need to look down more often than you want but the large rotary encoder for parameter setting and the number of dedicated buttons for selecting it’s key functions and user presets will assist greatly so you as the engineer can keep your eye on the stage for those all important cues.


” Is this mixer user friendly even for the ignorant?”


” Yes this mixer is very user friendly”

Although the TM 8 & 16 mixer is packed with a plethora of big board features such as input channels having four bands of full parametric EQ, variable high- and low-pass filters, plus compressor and gate. Each channel also has access to four stereo DSP effects engines, and channels can be assigned to any of eight DCA and eight Mute groups. It’s still a great board for weekend church volunteers operators or a band without a dedicated engineer. Well QSC has you covered once again with those functions, you can select either Advanced Mode or Simple Mode so you to make changes easier. The mixers also come loaded with a library of channel presets that are pre-optimized for use with various instruments and microphone types.

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