A month ago RekordBox released a video that started a lot of speculation in the DJ world, we saw glimpses of images from follow DJ’s at the a DJ Expo in Atlantic City of an unfamiliar look of the Rekordbox library organization software.

This week Rekordbox has released the full information for us to stopped all the speculation by announcing the release date of October 1st for there new Rekordbox 4.0 software. While this software is still a free software that can downloaded and used by DJs that use CDJ’s or XDJ’s to play without a laptop. The software will be introducing a new way to play which is called the Performance mode.

The Performance mode is a Paid expansion pack called Rekordbox DJ Plus pack which is a Full DJ software that will now allow users of controller to use the software.

Here what’s cool about the New RekordBox 4.0 & DJ Plus Pack

  • The Rekordbox DJ will have the lowest latency and have a high industry standard sound quality that’s accustomed with the Pioneer CDJ Players.
  • Use Rekordbox to manage your music and prepare sets, then perform from that same rekordbox library on a variety of controllers and CDJs.
  • Rekordbox DJ’s GUI is perfectly matched with the layout of hardware, to give the most effortless, intuitive software performances yet. The FX, waveform, players, sampler and browser exactly mirror the hardware, and you can choose from a 2/4-deck horizontal or vertical view to suit your preference.
  • The new Spit screen feature allows you to  use two screen in your performance which then enables perform on one while using the other to browse easier with a larger workflow. By having a larger workflow with second screen for browsing it allows you use the other new features a lot easier.
  • Rekordbox 4.0 & DJ’s  new Waveform previews, Related tracks, playlist patterns and tree shortcuts will be a get tool to prepare sets or freestyle during sets.
  • Rekordbox DJ’s Performance feature’s 16 samples pads, pad fx, color fx, beat fx and release fx will surely encourage all of your juices to come right out in your gigs.
  • Many compatible Pioneer DJ units plus  2 new exclusive controllers


Compatible DJ units



Unfortunately DVS Support does not have a release date as yet, so all you turntable DJs will have to be a little more patient but at least we know that Rekordbox is thinking big and will be catering to all DJs.


Rekordbox 4.0 is a Free download that’s available on October 1st and you can try Rekordbox DJ plus pack under a 30 day trail and after the that you can purchase it at $129.00. If you are under a tight budget “Like I Am” Rekordbox will be starting a 9.99 monthly subscription around December. So you  want you can try it out and wait till the end of the year start a subscription .


Check Here to Download