Delivers Advanced Control for Studio one and the RM Mixers

Presonus has always been known for creating new paradigms in the Music Industry’s studio and live sound world. Their StudioLive mixers took the compact mixer world by storm and set a high standards for the digital mixer market and what could be offered at a very affordable cost. Since then the market has developed greatly and became fill of similar products and some will say even better products from other companies. Some people will say that Presonus is a bit late to the party because they do not have a control surfaces or mixers that carries motorized faders and the fully recallable feature. But we believe that Presonus has taken the right approach addressing these statements.


Now built from the award winning legacy of the StudioLive mixers, Presonus launched the StudioLive RM 16AI & RM32AI rack mount digital mixer. Which once again has changed the paradigm of mixers by using the IPad, Windows 8 touch screen computer (for more workable space ) or both simultaneously as its control surfaces. Also by using the AVB technology to transmit audio, video and other forms of data that can be process without compromising the network integrity it allows this rack mixer to be connected in multiple different and innovative ways. Which continues to build on the Presonus philosophy of being both a live and studio mixer, very easy to learn and uniquely incorporating Presonus workflows and features.


PreSonus RM16 AI Features


PreSonus RM32 AI Features


Now with the introduction of the Presonus CS18 AI Advance Console at the 2015 Musikmeese trade show in Frankfurt that Presonus is definitely keeping true to their philosophy. The CS18 AI is a compact, intuitive mixing solution for the StudioLive RM 16AI & RM32AI rack mount digital mixers and the Studio One DAW. Which will once again set high standards for digital mixers and studio control surfaces coming after. It’s just absolutely brilliant and it will have avid Presonus users breathing a sigh of relief.

Here is why:

It’s a control surface not a mixer but it looks and feels like the beloved StudioLive 16-4-2 AI mixer of the past. So it will be a perfect time for to replace your StudioLive 16-4-2 AI mixer in the studio or live because it has same footprint for either your road rack or custom built desk in your fancy studio rooms.

The CS18 AI control surface will be able to control up to 64 channels in the Studio One DAW right out the box and when combined together with 2-RM32 AI mixers for live applications .

Finally it’s here!!! The CS18 AI control surface will be introducing new upgrades that has been well overdue. It carries 18- 100mm touch sensitive motorized faders which will be broken down as such 16 channels, 1 flex and 1 master and it will navigates using traditional layers and the new Presonus filter DCA groups. So for all the knob Junkies that’s accustom to the easy layout of Presonus, here are some other long awaited upgrades 16 RGB Scribble strip displays and a color touch sensitive display with 43 different screens.

Easier to setup and transport, the idea is that enginneer no longer needs to carry large snakes or a digital snake boxes. The RM mixer will be the mixing I/O that will be left on stage while running the mix from the CS18 AI from hundreds of feet away via a reliable,affordable and lightweight Ethernet cable. This will allow the engineers to save money in the long run and eliminates the need for a cumbersome analog snake and a separate stage box.

In addition to mixing with the CS18 AI with the StudioLive RM as your mix core it allows you to integrate an IPad, A large Windows 8 touch screen, or a combination of them for those unprecedented mixing experiences that may not be in the most controlled environment. Engineers will have more options on the road without reducing their efficiency.

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