Before we became Musicians, Music Producers, and Professionals in the industry we all loved and enjoyed just listening to music in our headphones. RIGHT?
Good headphones allow us to hear and enjoy all the subtle elements that occur when a song is being played.

For the Older Guys a PAIR of BOSE would do the trick and for the younger generation BEATS by Dre would suffice.

BUT as you evolve and become more serious about your music production you may be asking yourself…

“Can I use these types of Headphones in my Home Studio?”


“Are they Different to Studio Headphones?”


The answer is yes, BUT it is recommended to use Studio Headphones for recordings.

It allows for a natural sound for critical monitoring, which is absolutely necessary to hear all the elements in the music.

Actually, Recording Studios use two precise types of headphones, each for its own specific purpose.

1. Closed Back Headphones –> used for recording tracks

2. Open Back Headphones –> used for mixing

Here are 10 of the best studio monitor headphones based on an average user rating from real customers who provide real testimonials.

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