Recording/Tracking: The act of recording a live person, instrument, electronic instrument, or any combination of the three at the same time.  When it comes to bands, singers, and any acts where the sound is produced live, we will help capture every beautiful note.

Producing/Production: The producer can be responsible for instrumentation, electronic/digital beat programming  songwriting/composition, artist guidance and coaching and many other details that go into creating music in the studio.  Depending on the level of involvement, a producer may be involved in only 1, several, or all of these facets, and more!

Mixing: This comprises the true legwork of any modern studio aside from recording, and it is what we specialize in best.  Mixing involves tweaking the sounds in songs so that every element, instrument, and feeling translates perfectly no matter who hears it.  This can involve lots of editing and revision of the recordings, as well as adding a “polish” to the overall sound of the track, so that it feels crisp, clean, and pristine in quality.

Mastering: This is the final step in the song creation process!  After mixing is completed, mastering is a final touchup of the completed song, as well as calibrating it to commercial quality sound levels, and achieving the larger than life feel that the best recordings have.  Where mixing is often about editing, mastering is more about bolstering the final product and giving it the lasting spark that makes it stand out from the crowd.