Considering the newly announced retail price of under $7000 which by the way is far less than we anticipated, the new Digico S21 digital audio mixing console will find it’s way into a vast amount of consumers hands in July.

Digico showed their flexibility by introducing a mixer in the entry level price point. After teasing the market for months with glimpses of the new S21 console on social media including pictures of the features and specs. Even adopting some CIA tactics when they held a “Top Secret” Distrubutors meeting in March featuring the New S21 console at Clair Brothers new 52,000-square-foot Rock Lititz Studio. Invited guest were in for a big suprise when they arrived at the large production and rehearsal studio located in Lititz, PA. Attendees were instructed to turn in their cell phones and cameras before entering so any ideas about leaking information not yet released were out of the picture, literally.

During the month of April Digico finally allowed the S21 to be shown to world with the simultaneous showing at both the NAB Show in Las Vegas and the MusikMesse show in Frankfurt, Germany last month. Digico have yet yo do a Full Press release but, here is what we know about the Mixer.

James Gordon, leader of the new technology group and Managing Director at Digico promises the Digico S21 console to be true to Digico’s values in terms of quality. It sounds the same and will be using the same FPGA algorithms as the Digico SD7 console and the same I/O that you find in the Back of a Digico 192kHz SD-Rack and as you will expect with a high grade console its 96 kHz as Standard.

After months of anticipation around the price point and being happily surprised and it also being full-featured as we had hoped. We can also appreciate that is it smaller than expected, carries an ergonomics design but really Man!! it’s sexy. Digico could be truly proud that they are allowing even more audio engineers to join the DiGiCo family.

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